Land Development Project

Contemporary High-Rise Building

Specializing in inventive land development projects, Skyscraper Farm is planning to construct a unique high-rise building. Our structure incorporates the idea of having a vertical farm along with luxurious office and living spaces in one property. We also have ample space for two restaurants.

Why Vertical Farming?

You may be familiar with urban farms, rooftop greenhouses or commercial greenhouses. Skyscraper Farm is poised to be the leader in “vertical farming” and aeroponics.We are bringing “vertical farming” to the market on a scale that hasn’t been seen before. Why is this important?
Food insecurity is a concern for anyone living in a city. Poor quality, limited options, and a fragile supply line, are some of the challenges.  
Agriculture, as we’ve known it for thousands of years is breaking down and is ultimately unsustainable. Fertilizers produce chemical runoff that is polluting the water supply. This has led to a number of aquatic “dead zones.” Huge amounts of water and land are needed to keep pace with the population.
Vertical farming is a way to address these concerns in a way that greenhouses and regular urban farming can’t.  
Picture several high-tech greenhouses stacked on top of each other. People are more familiar with hydroponics, which uses one-third the amount of water required by regular agriculture. The aeroponics used in vertical farming uses one-third the water of hydroponics AND recycles the water so that it can be used over and over. Unlike other vertical farmers, we are betting sunlight grows plants.  OLEDs should be used as a supplement. OLED is like a protein bar while sunlight is dinner with all the fixings.
The farmland that would otherwise be needed can be brought back to a more natural state of better soil through carbon sequestration.

Reduced water needs, recycled waste, crops protected from disease and the elements, and real 21st century jobs – these are just some of the benefits brought by Skyscraper Farm.