Skyscraper Farm

Agriculture. All grown up.
You want to to enjoy the upside of urban living. However, one of the major downsides of working or living in the city is a lack of access to clean, wholesome, great-tasting produce. This whole new concept in CSAs will eliminate that downside. No more traveling and waiting in line at the one market that sells organic produce. At Skyscraper Farm, your food choices won’t be limited by geography or season.
If you’re already familiar with CSAs, then you know that it’s often a question of "buyers beware.” With our CSA, quality and variety are assured.
When you join us, you’ll discover that when it comes to our CSA, one size does not have to fit all. Whether you are single for the head of a large household, you will be able to get the produce that you want, in the amount that you want.